Vintage glass decanters $15 each have your bar look the part with our vintage range

Vintage glass ice bucket small $10 with ice server

Vintage glass decanters $15 each perfect for displaying your spirits at the bar

Etched glass drinks dispensers large

Large Etched glass drinks dispensers $25 each, beautiful silver taps and ornate lids (9 litres)

Etched glass drinks dispensers medium

Medium etched glass drinks dispensers with ornate lid and silver tap $15 each (3.5 litres)

Drinks Dispensers with tin raisers

6 litre glass dispensers with galvanised tins raisers $10 each. The tin helps raise the dispensers to a level for easy refills. 


Etched glass drinks dispensers

Beautiful etched glass drinks dispenser, with silver taps. Medium etched glass dispensers  (3.5 litres) are $15 each (medium pictured to left with raspberry colured fruit cocktai)


Mini glass bottles

Mini glass bottles, smaller than a typical glass milk bottle 50 cents per bottle.

ornate silver serving tray $20 extra

Retro glass straw dispenser

Retro glass straw dispenser to hold paper or plastic straws, helps protect your straws until your guests are ready to serve their drinks $10 

Etched glass drinks dispensers

Large glass etched glass dispensers (9 litres)  $25 each

& medium etched glass drinks dispensers (3.5 litres) $15 each

40 cm large glass vase (filled with moss & led lights) $35 as pictured

Assorted glass vases
50cm $15
40cm $10
30cm $10

Large Apothecary jar $15

Assorted Apothecary jars $5 each

Assorted Apothecary medium jars $5 each
Extra large glass dome with timber base $20

Large glass & copper candle/vase $10 10cm x 15cm
Medium glass & copper candle/vase $5 10cm x 11cm

Rustic copper tea light holders $5 each 11cm x 10cm

Medium glass charcoal squat candle holders $5 each

Bar all set and ready for celebrations with the vintage glass selections